Events in year of 1662

  • 01-271st American lime kiln begins operation (Providence RI)
  • 02-01Dutch garrison on Formosa surrenders for Chinese pirates
  • 04-22Royal Society incorporates
  • 04-23Connecticut chartered as an English colony
  • 04-27Netherlands and France sign military covenant
  • 05-03Royal charter granted Connecticut
  • 05-19Uniformity Act of England goes into effect
  • 06-24Dutch invasion of Macau repulsed (Macau Day)
  • 08-24Act of Uniformity requires English to accept book of Common Prayer
  • 09-14Netherlands and England sign peace treaty
  • 09-16Flamsteed sees solar eclipse, 1st known astronomical observation
  • 10-26Charles II of England sold Dunkirk to France
  • 10-27England sells Duinkerken to France for 2.5 million livres

People born in year of 1662

  • 01-27Richard Bentley: Oulton, United Kingdom -- Scholar / controversialist
  • 02-05Giuseppi Vignola: Composer
  • 07-11Maximilian II Emanuel: Elect of Bayern

People died in year of 1662

  • 02-13Elisabeth Stuart: English Daughter of James I, dies at 65
  • 04-04Davis Mell: Composer, dies at 57
  • 04-04Leonhart Kern: German Sculptor, dies at about 73
  • 04-20Gerard Terborch [the Elder]: Painter
  • 04-22John Tradescant: Traveller / gardener
  • 06-30Johannes C Verspronck: Portrait painter, buried at about 64
  • 07-01Simon Ives: Composer, dies at 61
  • 10-21Henry Lawes: Composer, dies at 66

Events in year of 1663

  • 01-06Great earthquake in New England
  • 01-10King Charles II affirms charter of Royal African Company
  • 02-05Earthquake in Canada
  • 04-01Gemert fines unwed motherhood (50 guilder penalty)
  • 04-06King Charles II signs Carolina Charter
  • 04-18Osman declares war on Austria
  • 05-07Theatre Royal in Drury Lane London opens
  • 06-08Battle at Amegical: English and Portugese fleet beats Spanish
  • 07-08King Charles II of England grants a charter to Rhode Island
  • 07-26France annexes Venaissin
  • 07-27English parliament accepts Staple Act
  • 09-131st serious slave conspiracy in colonial America (Virginia)

People born in year of 1663

  • 02-12Cotton Mather: Witchcraft authority
  • 02-28Thomas Newcomen: English co-inventor (steam engine)
  • 03-07Tomaso Antonio Vitali: Composer
  • 03-16Nicholas Siret: Composer
  • 07-01Franz Xaver Murschhauser: Composer
  • 07-20Pierre Drevet: French engraver
  • 08-31Guillaume Amontons: French physicist
  • 10-09Gian M Crescimbeni: Italian literary / critic (Arcadia)
  • 10-18Frans Eugenius: Duke / Prince of Savoye / land guardian of Austria-Netherlands
  • 11-13Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow: Composer
  • 11-14Friederich Wilhelm Zachow: Composer
  • 11-26Pedro de Peralta y Barnuevo: Peruvian poet (Obras Dramaticas)

People died in year of 1663

  • 01-29Robert Sanderson: Bishop of Lincoln (1660-63)
  • 04-25Heinrich Pape: Composer, dies at 53
  • 06-04William Juxon: Archbishop of Canterbury (1660-63)
  • 07-02Thomas Selle: Composer, dies at 64
  • 12-05Severo Bonini: Composer, dies at 80