Events in year of 1670

  • 02-14Roman Catholic Emperor Leopold I chases Jews out of Vienna
  • 02-17France and Bavaria sign military assistance treaty
  • 02-27Jews expelled from Austria by order of Leopold I
  • 04-29Pope Clemens X elected
  • 05-02King Charles II charters Hudson Bay Company
  • 07-25Austrian Emperor Leopold I expels 4,000 Jews from Vienna
  • 07-25Vienna Austria expels Jews
  • 12-31France and England sign Boyne-treaty

People born in year of 1670

  • 02-10Norbert van Flowers [Cephalus]: Flemish painter
  • 02-10William Congreve: England, United Kingdom -- Writer (Old Bachelor, Way of the World)
  • 02-14Georg Gabriel Schutz: Composer
  • 04-24Christian Ludwig Boxberg: Composer
  • 05-12August II [the Strong One]: King of Poland (355 children)
  • 07-18Giovanni Battista Bononcini: Italian (opera)composer

People died in year of 1670

  • 01-03George Monck: English General, dies at 61
  • 01-21Honorat de Brueil seigneur de Racan: French playwright, dies at 80
  • 02-09Frederik III: King of Denmark / Norway (1648-70), dies at 60
  • 04-23Loreto Vittori: Composer, dies at 69
  • 05-24Ferdinand II: Ruler of Toscane, dies at 59
  • 11-10Geory Horn [Hornius]: Theologist / historian, dies at about 50
  • 11-15Jan A Comenius [Komensky]: Czech / Netherlands educator / philosopher
  • 12-16Dorothy: 1st English Marquis of Halifax

Events in year of 1671

  • 01-27Pirate Henry Morgen lands at Panama City
  • 04-14Cosaks capture Russian boer leader Stenka Razin
  • 04-22King Charles II sits in on English parliament
  • 05-09Colonel Thomas Blood attempts to steal Crown Jewels
  • 10-25Giovanni Cassini discovers Iapetus, satellite of Saturn
  • 11-01French King Louis XIV and RC German Emperor Leopold I sign secret anti-Dutch treaty
  • 11-11Dutch States-General forbids importation of French wine

People born in year of 1671

  • 02-19Charles-Hubert Gervais: Composer
  • 03-26Giacomo Cesare Predieri: Composer
  • 04-06Jean-Baptiste Rousseau: French playwright / poet (Sacred Odes & Songs)
  • 05-21Azzolino Bernardino Della Ciaia: Composer
  • 05-22Abraham Patras: Governor-General of East-Indies (1735-37)
  • 06-06Stenka / Stepan Razin: Russian cossack / boer leader
  • 06-08Tomaso Albinoni: Italian composer (Adagio in G-minor)
  • 10-11Frederik IV: King of Denmark / Norway (1699-1730)
  • 12-01Francesco Stradivari: Italian violin maker / Son of Antonius

People died in year of 1671

  • 05-07Edward Montagu: English Baron Kimbolton, dies at about 68
  • 05-07Pieter Stockmans: Flemish Chairman of Opperkrijgshof, dies at 62
  • 06-06Stenka / Stepan Razin: Russian cossack / boer leader, killed
  • 06-16Stenka Razin: Cossack rebel leader, tortured and executed in Moscow
  • 09-01Hugues de Lionne Marquis de Berny: French ambassador to Rome
  • 11-12Thomas: 3rd Baron Fairfax of Cameron, English General, dies at 59