Events in year of 1680

  • 03-22Parliament of Breisach accept French sovereignty over Elzas
  • 09-26Tax revolt in Gorinchem due to tax on cereal
  • 12-04Hen in Rome lays an egg imprinted with comet not seen until Dec 16th
  • 12-15Tax revolt on Terschelling due to tax on cereal
  • 12-31Amsterdam opera at Leidsegracht opens

People born in year of 1680

  • 01-03Johann Baptist Zimmermann: German stucco worker
  • 02-25Philipp Hyacinth Lobkowitz: Composer
  • 05-05Giuseppe Porsile: Composer
  • 05-21Frederich Karl Erbach: Composer
  • 10-21Francisco Jose Coutinho: Composer
  • 11-18Jean-Baptiste Loeillet: Composer

People died in year of 1680

  • 02-15Jan Swammerdam: Dutch entomologist (Bible of Nature), dies at 41
  • 02-15John Swammerdam: Anatomist / entomologist (Bible of Nature), dies at 43
  • 03-17Francois Duc de La Rochefoucauld: Writer
  • 05-29Abraham Megerle: Composer, dies at 73
  • 07-26John Wilmot: 2nd Earl of Rochester, Poet / courtier
  • 08-24Ferdinand Bulb: Dutch Painter / etcher, buried
  • 09-01Johan Georg II: Ruler of Saxon (1656-80), dies at 67
  • 09-10Marco Uccellini: Composer
  • 10-08Elisabeth: Abbess, dies at 61
  • 10-13Francois Roberday: Composer, dies at 56
  • 11-05Gillis Valckenier: Mayor of Amsterdam (1665..80), dies at about 57
  • 11-27Athanasius Kircher: German Jesuit / inventor (lantern)
  • 11-28Giovanni L Bernini: Italian Sculptor / painter

Events in year of 1681

  • 03-04King Charles II grants William Penn royal charter for Penn
  • 03-10English Quaker William Penn receives charter from Charles II, making him sole proprietor of colonial American territory Pennsylvania
  • 03-213rd Exclusion Parliament meets in London
  • 07-02Earl of Shaftesbury arrested for high-treason
  • 09-30Netherlands and Sweden sign treaty
  • 10-23French troops under King Louis XIV occupy Staatsburg
  • 10-24Earl of Shaftesbury accused of high treason in London
  • 11-09Hungarian parliament promises protestants freedom of religion

People born in year of 1681

  • 01-20Francesco Bartolomeo Conti: Composer
  • 03-14Georg Philipp Telemann: Magdeburg, Germany -- Late baroque composer
  • 03-30Pieter Snyers: Flemish painter / engraver
  • 04-11Anne Danican Philidor: Composer
  • 06-18Feofan Prokopovich: Theologian, Archbishop of Novgorod, Westernizer
  • 08-22Pierre Danican Philidor: Composer
  • 09-28Johann Mattheson: Hamburg, Germany -- Composer

People died in year of 1681

  • 02-14Francesco Nigetti: Composer, dies at 77
  • 03-12French van Mieris [the Elder]: Dutch genre painter, dies at 45
  • 04-09Alfonso Marsh: Composer, dies at 54
  • 06-09William Lilly: English astrologer
  • 07-05Fjodor Aleksejevitsj: Tsar of Russia
  • 07-08Georg Neumark: Composer, dies at 60
  • 08-17Nikon [Nikita Minin]: Patriarch of Russian-Orthodox church, dies at 76
  • 10-07Nicolaas Heinsius: Dutch philological / diplomat, dies at 61
  • 12-08Gerard Terborch [the Younger]: Dutch Painter / etcher