Events in year of 1686

  • 04-04English King James II publishes Declaration of Indulgence
  • 07-09Germany, Sweden and Spain signs anti-French League of Augsburg
  • 07-22City of Albany, New York chartered
  • 08-18Cassini reports seeing a satellite orbiting Venus
  • 09-02Habsburgse armies occupy Buda on Turks
  • 12-19Robinson Crusoe leaves his island after 28 years (as per Defoe)

People born in year of 1686

  • 01-19Hakuin Ekakuborn: Japan -- Zen Buddhist
  • 02-10Johann F Gronovius: Dutch Physician / botany
  • 06-05Cristoph Raupach: Composer
  • 08-01Benedetto Marcello: Italian author / composer (Lettera Famigliare)
  • 08-17Nicola Antonio Porpora: Composer
  • 08-19Antonio Tonelli: Composer
  • 08-29Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelbel: Composer
  • 10-12Silvius Leopold Weiss: Composer
  • 10-22Georg Balthasar Schott: Composer
  • 12-25Giovanni Battista Somis: Composer

People died in year of 1686

  • 01-21Nicolas-Francois Blondel: French architect
  • 02-08Francois Tak: Dutch diplomat on Java, murdered
  • 02-10William Dugdale: Garter King of Arms (1677-86)
  • 02-24Ferdinando Tacca: Italian Painter / Son of Pietro Tacca, dies at 66
  • 06-06Joannes B van Neercassel: RC spiritual leader of the Netherlands, dies at 60
  • 06-18Johann Quirsfeld: Composer, dies at 43
  • 07-10Ercole Ferrata: Italian Sculptor / restauranteur, dies at 76
  • 07-11Michel Anguier: French sculptor, dies at 75
  • 08-06Paul Hainlein: Composer, dies at 60
  • 10-08Adriaen Paets: Rotterdams regent / diplomat, dies at about 55

Events in year of 1687

  • 04-04King James II orders his declaration of indulgence read in church
  • 07-02King James II disbands English parliament
  • 07-06Newton publishes "Principia"
  • 08-12Charles of Lotharingen defeats Turkish leaders
  • 08-12Ottoman invaders of Hungary routed at Battle of Mohacs
  • 09-26Acropolis in Athens attacked by Venetian army trying to eject Turks Parthenon destroyed in war between Turks and Venetians
  • 09-28Venetians take Athens from the Turks
  • 10-11Hungary accepts Habsburgse sovereignty
  • 11-10Pope Innocent XI publishes decree Coelestis pastor
  • 12-311st Huguenots depart France to Cape of Good Hope

People born in year of 1687

  • 01-30[Johann] Balthasar Neumann: German architect, baptized
  • 02-19Johann Adam Birkenstock: Composer
  • 03-30Johann Balthasar Freisslich: Composer
  • 07-03Arnold Hoogvliet: Dutch poet (Abraham the Patriarch)
  • 08-26Willem the Fesch: Dutch violinist / composer (Joseph)
  • 08-30Francesco Maria Vallara: Composer
  • 09-09Jean-Baptiste Maurice Quinault: Composer
  • 10-14Robert Simson: Scotland, United Kingdom -- Mathematician
  • 12-05Francesco Xaverio Geminiani: Composer
  • 12-26Johann Georg Pisendel: German violinist / composer

People died in year of 1687

  • 01-28Johannes Hevelius: Astronomer (star cataloger), dies on 76th birthday
  • 03-19Rene-Robert Cavelier La Salle: French explorer (Louisiana), killed at 43
  • 03-28Constantine Huygens: Diplomat / Poet / Composer (Bluebottles), dies at 90
  • 04-16George Villiers 2nd Duke of Buckingham: Dies at 59
  • 06-12Jurriaen van Streeck: Dutch still life painter, buried
  • 11-13Nell [Eleanor] Gwyn: Mistress of Charles II of England, dies at 37
  • 11-14Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn: English mistress of King Charles II, dies at 37