Events in year of 1717

  • 01-04Netherlands, England and France sign Triple Alliance
  • 01-05Prussian King Frederik Willem I buys conscript for nobles
  • 01-14German mob leader "Sjako" sentenced to death in Amsterdam
  • 07-28Prussian King Frederik Willem I gives compulsory education to 5-12 yrs
  • 08-16Prince Eugenius of Savoye occupies Belgrade
  • 08-17France, Russia and Prussia sign agreement
  • 08-22Spanish troops lands on Sardinia
  • 12-25Floods ravage Dutch coast provinces, 1000s killed

People born in year of 1717

  • 01-04Antonio Maria Mazzoni: Composer
  • 01-28Mustapha III: Sultan of Turkey (1757-74)
  • 01-29Jeffrey Amherst: English Governor-General of America / Field Marshal
  • 02-10Pierre de La Garde: Composer
  • 02-19David Garrick: Actor / producer / writer (Aboan-Oroonoko)
  • 02-24Bernhard Hupfeld: Composer
  • 02-26John Randall: Composer
  • 03-26Manuel Jeronimo Romero de Avila: Composer
  • 03-31Florian Wrastill: Composer
  • 04-09Georg Matthias Monn: Composer
  • 04-30Guillaume Gommaire Kennis: Composer
  • 05-13Maria Theresa: Empress of Austria (Wife of Emperor Franz I)
  • 06-19Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz: Composer
  • 08-13Christoph Nichelsmann: German composer
  • 09-24Horace Walpole: England, United Kingdom -- British horror writer (Cattle of Ontario)
  • 12-09Johann J Winckelmann: German archaeologist (History of Ancient Art)
  • 12-25Pius VI [Giovanni A Braschi]: Italy -- Pope (1775-99)

People died in year of 1717

  • 03-03Pierre Allix: French / British Theologist / vicar, dies at about 75
  • 06-09Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Mothe-Guyon: French mystic, dies at 69
  • 06-09Louis Le Quointe: Composer, dies at 64
  • 08-10Nicolaas Witsen: Etcher / mayor (Amsterdam)
  • 11-02Johann Jacob Walther: Composer

Events in year of 1718

  • 01-09France declares war on Spain
  • 01-17Avalanche destroys every building in Leukerbad, Switz; kills 53
  • 08-02Austrian joins Triple Alliance
  • 08-21Emperor Karel VI, Turkey and Venice sign peace treaty
  • 08-25Hundreds of French colonists arrive in Louisiana; New Orleans, found
  • 12-11Battle at Frederikshall Norway
  • 12-17England declares war on Spain

People born in year of 1718

  • 04-14Emanuele Barbella: Composer
  • 04-26Esek Hopkins: United States -- 1st Commander-in-Chief (US Navy)
  • 05-23William Hunter: Obstetrician / medal writer
  • 06-05Thomas Chippendale: England, United Kingdom -- Furniture maker
  • 06-27Wenzel Raimund Pirck: Composer
  • 08-09Placidus Cajetan von Camerloher: Composer
  • 08-25Johann Jacob Rowalt: Composer
  • 09-29Nikita I Panin: Russian Earl / diplomat (plot against Peter III)
  • 11-13Anton Laube: Composer

People died in year of 1718

  • 05-30Arnold J van Keppel: Earl of Albemarle / General, dies at about 48
  • 05-30Bernard Nieuwentyt: Physician / theologist, dies at 63
  • 07-30William Penn: English Quaker / colonizer (No cross, no crown)
  • 08-06Jacob F Muller [Sjako / Jaco]: German / Netherlands crowd leader, beheaded at 28
  • 11-22Edward "Blackbeard" Teach: English pirate, killed off Virginia coast